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Custom Interconnects offers a full lineup of Test Sockets and Contactors to support
development and functional testing (FCT) of most high performance packaged
semiconductors and modules.  Designs are available for Development / Benchtop Unit
Testing, scalable Prototype Testing and all the way up to full ATE Production Testing.  By
integrating Fuzz Buttons® with Hardhats into the stackup, mating cycles up to 500,000 are
achievable with no significant signal degradation.
Supported DUT package types include PGA, BGA, LGA, CGA, QFN, MCM, as well as virtually
any other flip chip or chip scale custom packaging.  Available Center-to-Center Contact
Pitches include .5mm, .65mm, .8mm, 1mm, 1.27mm plus many custom pitches.  And with
I/O counts as high as 5000, we have a socket solution for most any fine pitch / high density
ASIC or chip package in production today.
We also offer a full breadth of high quality materials to choose from, including Torlon®,
PPS®, Ultem®, PEEK®, Rogers, Aluminum and Brass, as well as any other commercially
available dielectric plastic or metal you may prefer.
For Bandwidths from DC to 40 GHz, Fuzz Button® technology ensures you "see" your
device performance, not our socket!

Fuzz Button® Test Sockets / Contactors
  • Best in Signal Integrity
  • Impedance Matching
  • Long Life
  • High Frequency
  • High Current Capable
  • Probe Window Option
  • Up to 5000 I/O

Handclamp / Lid Styles
  • Open Face (Lidless, for ATE)
- For PGA, LGA, BGA, CGA, Custom
- Low profile

  • Simple Lid
- For PGA, LGA, BGA, CGA, Custom
- Least expensive clamping method
- Available with probe window option

  • High Pressure
- For PGA, LGA, BGA, CGA, Custom
- Ergonomic clamping method for high pin counts
- Includes fine tuning pressure knob
- Removable clamp for easy transition to ATE

  • Slide Lock
- For PGA, LGA, BGA, CGA, Custom
- Smallest footprint
- Equal Z-axis distribution during closing

  • Clamshell
- For PGA, LGA, BGA, CGA, QFN, Custom
- Self-leveling spring-loaded pressure pad
- Fine tuning pressure knob optional
Most popular with customers

  • Dual Latch
- For PGA, LGA, BGA, CGA, QFN, Custom
- Easy, single-handed operation
- Fine tuning pressure knob optional
- Removable clamp for easy transition to ATE

Test Socket Use and Care
Fuzz Button® Test Sockets / Contactors employ a solderless connection and are typically
screw-mounted to the PCB, as such they are very easy to care for.  At approximately
every 25,000 cycles, we recommend a simple process of scrubbing the topside of the
socket, followed by a short compressed air spray.  This will help prevent any build up of
debris or solder mask that may occur.
Even after eventual wear, the sockets can be refurbished to almost-new condition simply
by replacing the Fuzz Button® and Hardhat contacts.  This can be accomplished either in
the field using replacement kits or by sending them back to us for contact repopulation.
Open Face
 Simple Lid
Open Face
Slide Lock
Dual Latch
High Pressure
Probe Window Option
High Pressure
Slide Lock
Click Here for Test Socket Datasheet
BGA Test Socket
PGA Test Socket
LGA Test Socket
QFN Test Socket
CGA Test Socket
Steel Spring  (shown with probe window option)
Thermal Clamshell Option
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