Fuzz Button® RF Interposers / RF Connectors

Custom Interconnects designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of customized
Interposers and Connectors to support high density PCB stacking, packaging adaptation
and solderless device mounting.  

Fuzz Button® RF Interposers / RF Connectors
  • Best in Signal Integrity                                                        
  • Impedance Matching
  • Long Life
  • High GHz Frequency
  • High Current Capable
  • High Compliance
  • Harsh Environmentals
  • Lightweight
  • Low Profile/Low-z axis
  • Thicknesses as low as .032"

Available Product Designs
  • PCB to PCB Interposer
  • Device to PCB Interposer
  • Board Stack Connector
  • Production Socket
  • Mezzanine Connector
  • Pitch Adapter Interposer

Stackup Configuration Choices
  • Fuzz Button® Only
  • Fuzz Button® / Fuzz Button®
  • Fuzz Button® / Conductive Spacer / Fuzz Button®
  • Fuzz Button® / Hardhat
  • Fuzz Button® / Solder Pin
  • Hardhat / Fuzz Button® / Hardhat
  • Hardhat / Fuzz Button® / Solder Pin

Production is scalable from a single piece all the way to full OEM production quantities.  
Supported mating pad types include PGA, BGA, LGA, CGA  and custom packaging.  Most
customers today utilize the Center-to-Center Contact Pitch of 1mm.  The 1mm pitch is
often regarded by customers as the perfect balance between pad/array size optimization
and cost containment, while still offering excellent signal isolation and prevention of
crosstalk.  But, when the application requires a differing approach, we do offer a full line of
possible mating pitches including .4mm, .5mm, .65mm, .8mm, 1mm, 1.27mm plus many
custom pitches.  And with I/O counts as high as 5000, we have an interconnect solution for
any fine pitch / high density requirement imaginable.

While most applications require just a single use permanent mounting connection, Fuzz
Button® Interposers and Connectors can actually be reutilized many hundreds or
sometimes even thousands of times.  This flexibility is ideal to allow for interconnect
and/or device repurposing or in the event of a device failure.  And with the inclusion of
Hardhats into the stackup, mating cycles up to 500,000 are achievable with little signal

A wide array of high quality interconnect body/carrier materials are available to choose
from, including
Ultem®, Teflon® PTFE, PEEK®, Torlon®, FR4/G-10, Semitron420,
Rogers®, Aluminum, Brass, Gold, as well as any other commercially available dielectric
plastic or metal you may prefer.

For interconnects that need to go airborne, stay terrestrial or even go underground,
Fuzz Button® technology delivers the reliability you need!
Fuzz Buttons® ...Not Just Rocket Science!

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